Meet, Greet & Eat

The Georgia Regional Mustang Club's Monthly Meeting will be held: 

Sunday, April 18th @ 3:00pm
Camasini's Italian Grille

Members are encouraged to show up earlier than 3pm in order to park and socialize.

The Georgia Regional Mustang Club is a group of volunteers dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the FORD MUSTANG. The GRMC is the second oldest Chartered Mustang Club in the nation with the founding in 1979.

GRMC is dedicated to fun and informative activities for fans of all Mustangs. Whether your car is a classic show car, a performance car, or a daily driver, GRMC has a place for you. In 1964, Ford Motor Company called it’s new car: “Mustang, the car designed to be designed by you”. Our club strives to be the same, to do things you want to do and to present informative clinics to help you restore, detail, and tune your “Pony”.



  • Caravans to a variety of events, including overnight events and shows
  • Member discounts to vendors.
  • Members receive Free newsletter
  • A medium to exchange information and ideas on obtaining cars, parts and reputable service.
  • A communication network for sellers and buyers.
  • Each membership is a family membership
  • Outings and support from other members on restorations or technical problems


Our Charity

GRMC is a proud sponsor of Visiting Nurse Health System.  Each year the club donates a portion of the annual proceeds to VNHS and they would love your individual support to.  Go to www.vnhs.org for more details and see how you can help!



Georgia Regional Mustang Club
P. O. Box 1803
Kennesaw, GA 30156
email us : Georgiaregional@gmail.com

John Knox

First Vice President
Jeff Causey 

Second Vice President
Dale Wescott 

Trish Causey

Secretary/Website/Social Networking
Liz Reeder

HoofBeats Newsletter
Larry Prescott

MCA Liason
Terry Trusdell 

Show & Events Chairmen
Cameron Lee
John Pryor

Merchandising Director
Frances Knox